Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Summary for your projects

In this article I will detail a new feature that has been recently added to your Geodesign projects under the tasks section of the workflow, it focuses on financial analysis and summary of capital expenditure.


One of the main issues that communities face after they have concluded a negotiation is reporting, understanding and acting on the outcomes. We have a comprehensive “Tasks” section just for this and it helps in the discussion, setting of timelines, actors etc. This section has gone through a series of updates and keeps evolving as we conduct, implement and monitor outcomes from more and more negotiations. Based on your feedback, there is now a financial / investment summary for your projects.

One of the first activities, that happen after the conclusion of a negotiation, is that the actions developed from the negotiation are flushed out and refined. In addition to identifying implementation steps, timelines and agencies / entities who can implement it. As a part of this assignment, it is important to scope out at a high level the amount of capital expenditure that is projected as a part of the implementation of the negotiated outcomes. Geodesignhub comes with a fairly sophisticated cost and budgeting module and they help with fine grained control of costs for the project.

Capex summary

We now have a new new display to summarize the expected costs of implementation of the selected projects and policies of a negotiation. At this moment, the focus is on Capital expenditure (CAPEX) and spending between different themes and it is shown below.

The display also makes distinction between spending for projects and policies and other “softer” actions that are neither projects or policies simply called tasks. In case of changes etc. these costs can be updated to suit the changing scenarios.

In case it is useful, these summaries can also be downloaded as CSV for use in other financial modelling software.

Asset Analysis

In case you don’t have access to financial modelling software we have built and maintain a sophisticated financial analysis suite to produce key metrics for a design and build financial scenarios: DesignKPI, more on that at a later date.

For the moment the capex summary chart is available to all projects and is already live! :chart::money_with_wings::money_mouth_face:

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