Adding funding source to diagrams

In this article, we will describe how to add a funding source for a diagram. Funding sources can be added to diagrams that are projects. At this time specifying funding sources for policies is not supported.

Step 1: In your project click on “Add a diagram”

Step 2: Select the Appropriate system where you want to add the diagram

Step 3: Give it a appropriate title, and if it is a project, a new option appears where you are asked to specify how you think the project will / should be funded.

Step 4: Fill out the other fields as usual and click on “Add Diagram”

Currently, the options available for funding type are:

  • Budgeted: If the project has been already budgeted
  • Public: If the project requires public funding or funding from public / government entities
  • Private: If the project will require funding from private sources, foundations, investors, bonds etc.
  • Public+Private: If the project is built in a combination of Public and Private funding e.g. Public Private partnership
  • Other : If the funding source does not fall in any of the above categories.
  • Unknown: If the funding of this project is unknown or you are not sure how it will / should be funded.