What are the different paid support options?

Our aim is simple; to help you get the most out of Geodesignhub for the benefit of your organization and your geodesign project.

No matter how complex your project is, we can provide complete support from start to finish. As experts on Geodesignhub, we are your source for help, advice and problem solving. We offer four levels of support, so you can choose an option to suit your project and its budget and schedule. Regardless of which option you choose, our support is on a per-project basis. Because it is time limited, we make sure you get hands-on, effective solutions fast.

Comprehensive Support: for users with no geodesign experience, but are facing a geodesign “problem”

This support package is for those who have never conducted a Geodesign negotiations before, and need to gain in-depth understanding of Geodesignhub and its technology while working on a real geodesign problem.

With our comprehensive support package, our experts will work with you to set up your project, organise your data, manage the project in partnership with your organisation and with appropriate geodesign and scientific consultants. You and your organization becomes the project client.

  • Technical Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Project management and execution support including running negotiations and developing outputs.
  • Full Technical Support
  • A Dedicated Project Manager

Technical Support: for Intermediate users

This support package is for users who have participated in geodesign projects before, but have not organised or managed one. Running a successful geodesign project involves both planning and technical knowledge. Our expert staff can help with both, helping prepare the data and models for your project and the setting up the process to get you off to a flying start. We will host your shapefiles on our infrastructure to be accessed during the study. All you need to do is lead from there.

  • Enhanced Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Help with your data and hosting requirements

Enhanced Support: for Intermediate to Advanced users

If you already have some experience with Geodesignhub and have project experience, this support package is for you. You will already be familiar with the operations and functions of Geodesignhub, but you may want assistance to address particular challenges that arise during the development your project. We will help you fit your data to your data structure, and make best use of the tools that are currently in place for your organization.

Our enhanced support for complicated problems includes:

  • Ticket based email support
  • Phone + online chat support
  • Same day response time

Basic Support

Geodesignhub comes with extensive self-help documentation and tutorials. These are free to all users of the free-to-use Geodesignhub software.