Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


In this topic, we have compiled a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What are the different support and training options available for a project?

We offer comprehensive support and training for your organization and project. Please review the different support packages and also the geodesign training courses available for you.

Q: What sort of data and data preparation is required for a project?

Geodesignhub is a digital tool that is compatible with existing geo-data and technologies. For most of the projects, we will use your existing data or use already available open data. We can use a lot of data as-is for other cases we work with you to build a dataset.

Q: How long does it take to setup a project?

Generally four to eight weeks although in some cases it can be less. We generally recommend six weeks as a good enough time from start to setting up the project. The actual project can be a multi-year timeframe where we continuously work with you, any engagement of course has to be pre-discussed and agreed upon.

Q: What is the range of scale of the study area in a project?

Geodesignhub has been used to study extremely large (multi county) and very small sites (individual lots / sites), so it accommodates any scale. The data considerations are different at these scales.

Q: What is the general structure of a project?

The data prep takes about four weeks or less, we generally use to organize data preprations. After the data prep is complete, we recommend that people spend at the minimum 6 - 8 hours with the software initially. The hours can be scheduled in a number of ways: in the form of a two half-day meetings, one half day meeting sometimes more. It depends on who is attending and the nature of the problem. Sometimes the meetings can be conducted online before meeting in person. After the meeting, we work with your organization on a ongoing basis as necessary.

Q: What are the outputs of a Geodesignhub project? Who can use it and how is it used?

All data in a Geodesighub project can be taken out in the form of a Geopackage or GeoJSON, there are plugins to enable export to other formats for use in software like AutoCAD, Rhino and Grasshopper.

  • A key soft outcome of the process is the negotiated outcomes and development of consensus among the stakeholders. The participants develop a shared understanding and a negotiated, analysis based management strategy.
  • Generally when you introduce geodesign to project, you are doing that work in a analog fashion so Geodesignhub is part of the “digitalization” strategy and as with any digital transformation, there are numerous benefits: agility, auditing capability, longer life of the project and interoperability
  • Using digital tools to manage analog processes helps develop capacity within the organization and improve performance and co-ordination
  • We act as a company that supports your organization in project management using our software there are significant benefits from a payroll, professional project support and leveraging our expertise in using technology solve your issues.

Q: In what contexts should I consider using Geodesignhub?

We work with organizations over the long term, on complex projects with a focus on supporting on a specific project or engaging in the long term over a number of years. Generally, when you need help executing on difficult long-term projects that require public engagement, multi-agency / department co-ordination and want to utilize technology and our support in project management you can consider Geodesignhub. We and our partners provide personnel and staff to help you with problems such as:

  • Mobility / Transport
  • Administrative management
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental / Land / Marine management
  • Community Engagement
  • Inter departmental co-ordination
  • Tourism

Q: Are there videos about Geodesignhub, the method and example projects?

Yes, please find a video playlist about this on YouTube.

Q: What are the technical requirements for the software?

A broadband internet connection, a recent (later than 2012) laptop with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome should suffice.

Q: Where can I get trained to conduct, organize or participate in a workshop?

If you want to experience Geodesignhub and try it out, you can attend a workshop, we are at most major conferences and taught in universities. We can provide training and workshops for your organization, please review our training page. Usually we are present every year in leading conferences including Geodesign Summit Europe and Digital Landscape Architecture. In addition we conduct introductory webinars every month, you can register your interest on the webinar page.