Introducing Project Boards and Design Brief

In this article, I am going to talk about two important new tools that are available in Geodesignhub and your project now: Project Boards and Design Brief. Geodesign is most successful if it is used routinely as a part of daily, monthly reviews. A project is not just design, although it is important, what is perhaps more important is coming back, keeping track of progress as the design is being implemented and correcting course. This requires a project management tools that are specific to geodesign projects and are easy to understand and use.

Design Brief

Every geodesign project has a brief: goals, the challenges and constraints. Geodesignhub now provides every project capabilities to record these and make it available to all the participants. You can enter this in to your project as a text and it can be added, modified. Scoping the project, identifying key themes and stakeholders is sometimes more important than the project output itself. Design brief provides you a place to articulate the design problem and for others to review, edit and add to it.

And here is a video of me entering a brief for a project


Once a design has been negotiated, it needs to be implemented in the study area. Implementation involves classic project management tasks: prioritizing, assigning responsibility and ownership and followup etc. There are many tools for project management but I really like Kanban boards. Kanban boards provide simple, flexible and most importantly easy to understand structure to manage projects. They are very popular and I really like working with them as a way to manage my own projects. So every project now comes with Kanban boards for your design. At the moment, one project has one board.

And here is a video of it in action for your project.

These tools will be further developed as we progress, we aim to build deeper project management capabilities in the software to help administrators in the execution of their projects.

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Great! It could be interesting to have some level of interoperability with other similar tools available like Trello, Asana, Wrike etc. The Project board is great!

Yes of course, you can use those tools any way since all data can be exported as CSV or JSON but the idea here is to have a more “geo-focused” management board specific to the kinds of problems that Geodesignhub aims to solve.