New Feature: Checklist for your cards

In this article, I will write about a new feature that is now available on Geodesignhub.

Recently, Geodesignhub introduced project management boards to help manage implementation of your projects. Boards is based on the popular Kanban boards and enables you to manage and be on track of your project as you progress with it.
A Board has many cards in it as tasks for the implementation of your projects. Now every card can have a checklist associated with it so that you can break down a complex task into simpler things and keep track of the progress.

Checklists are useful when you have multiple tasks associated with a card and want to explicitly track tasks and manage it as you progress. Once you click on the checklist item, a empty checklist is shown:

Then you start adding actions, smaller tasks to accomplish this goal.

You and everyone can then keep track of the progress over time.