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Yes, @ahmadzia , I remember you well. And now we can stay in touch here as well.

What are you working on now? :grinning:


yes dear, I am working on final maps of Machine Khana


Hello everyone,

I live along the coast of Georgia and am working as a planner for the Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia. We serve 35 cities and 10 counties. I completed my Masters in Environmental Planning and Design at the University of Georgia and a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture at Clemson University.

I met Carl Steinitz and Hrishi Ballal in 2015 when we did a GeoDesign workshop for Wormsloe Plantation - located in Savannah, GA. Since then I have participated in 3 GeoDesign workshops, all focused on coastal environments.

I also like to film and try to use it as a tool for urban planning, design, etc. I’ve done numerous projects includes documenting GeoDesign workshops with Carl and Hrishi. Here is an interview I did with Carl a while back : https://vimeo.com/258815199

Otherwise, check out my personal website at www.pioneerform.com and feel free to drop me a line on here or through the website email. I’m slowly adding my design work to the site, not public yet.

Glad to be here and am hoping to connect with other like minded folks. Thanks to Hrishi for the invite.


Hi Russell,

Welcome to the community site! Yes, I remember watching your interview with Carl Steinitz – it was one of the videos that I watched when I was first learning about Geodesign a couple of years ago.

I’m based in Sydney and work within the Built Environment Faculty at University of New South Wales, where we’re currently working on delivering a course for geodesign, and planning to use Geodesign Hub as the facilitating platform.

I would be interested to learn more about the Wormsloe Plantation project and other applications of Geodesign in the context of Georgia. So please share links to any published videos or documentation available.

Looking forward to future exchanges!

Carmela Ticzon


Greetings from the coast. My name is Lupita McClenning and I serve as the Director of Planning for the Coastal Regional Commission, a multi-faceted agency providing local and regional comprehensive planning services, as well as specialized planning services in natural and cultural resources, historic preservation, GIS, transportation, and economic development. We work closely with the region’s 10 counties and 35 cities to address a wide range of issues.
In 2016 we partnered with Rosanna Rivero from the College of Environment + Design at the University of Georgia, to co-host the Coastal Geodesign workshop led by Carl Steinitz, and Hrishi Ballal. The workshop introduced the support software from geodesignhub. As a case study, the workshop focused on Coastal Georgia. The coast is home to one of the most pristine and undeveloped coastlines in the eastern seaboard, stretching almost 100 miles and home to abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches and over 2300 miles of tributaries and salt marsh. Equally important, we have historic towns, industries, major ports and a thriving tourism trade. Coastal Georgia is home to the fourth-busiest and fastest-growing container terminal in the U.S. On the horizon, a private spaceport with hopes of creating Georgia’s own space coast. Balancing competing issues on the coast is critical, plus the coast faces uncertainties including the impacts of coastal risks and vulnerabilities. For the workshop, scenarios for change were identified which took into account the region-wide scenario for 2050.
320,000 new people in the region
95,000 people displaced by 3ft sea-level rise
190,000 new housing units needed
2,700 acres of new commercial development
15,400 acres of new industrial development
10,000 acres of new parks, recreation and conservation
10,000 acres of new schools, municipal development.
The Savannah port doubles in capacity creating an additional 3,000 jobs and 2,300 housing units.
The Camden Spaceport creates 2,500 jobs needing 1,900 housing units.
Of special importance to note, particularly for this case study, is the negotiation-support aspects of geodesignhub. The negotiation among the systems teams, between neighboring county teams, and the final negotiated design with the regional team proved to be successful in generating a shared agreement for the future of the region. The Coastal Geodesign workshop was my second workshop. The CRC just successfully completed the McIntosh County Ecotourism, Economic Development, and Education Geodesign workshop, with Rosanna and Hrishi.
Thanks Hirishi for the invite to the Geodesign Hub community. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts and look forward to learning more from this broad group of folks!


Hi Lupita,

Welcome from the whole Community! and a big thanks for sharing the details of the project of 2016.
That was a very interesting case characterized by a high concerning challenge.

I am sure we will have the chance to discuss and exchange knowledge of the McIntosh County project as well.

Looking forward to seeing the results of the project and to future collaborations.



Hi Russell,

It is very nice to have you with us. The world of geodesign could use more outlets into media – your work and expertise have really contributed to solving that dilemma.

Great final question :slight_smile:

With kind regards,



Hi Russell,
My name is Mohammad, I watched your interview with Prof. Carl. It is quite interesting, good work. :+1:


Hello everybody,
My name is Alexandra, i’m from Moscow. Now i’m about to take a master’s degree in Geography in Turin (Italy) and I’m doing the internship at the Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation. I’m writing a thesis on the application of geodesign in the context of cultural heritage conservation. My experience with this method is still basic, so I would like to learn more and to enhance my knowledge.


Welcome Alexandra @poyarkova! Thank you for sharing your research interests with us, I can thus suppose your are currently working with Prof. Valle and his team. :wink: I know about their great work since he was invited in Brazil by Prof. Ana Clara Moura (UFMG) to share his experience on urban and landscape heritage management when I was spending a research period there. The school of Architecture at UFMG is, in fact, involved in the development of the Management Plan of the Pampulha Unesco Heritage site.
Please, keep sharing your findings as the thesis progresses!


Hi Alexandra, my name is Mohammad from Nigeria. I find your thesis topic interesting, i worked on Sustainable landscape redevelopment of a heritage site through cultural heritage revitalisation for my MLA dissertation and Spatial Decision Support System for Heritage Management for my MSc dissertation. Non of my methods were Geodesign, but please feel free to discuss your work with me if need be, i might have some useful ideas. I might also learn a thing or two from your work and encourage me to revisit my work using Geodesign.


Hi everybody, I’ve just participate to a Geodesign Hub workshop, foud it very intresting and willing to get the chance to work with it. Wish to become active part of this community.
Best regards.


Welcome to the community @marcogalli. We are very happy to hear about your enthusiasm for your workshop experience and your willingness to get to know more. Here you can find several experiences and applications of the methodology and GDH platform to a different type of projects. What is your main area of interest concerning Geodesign?