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Here you can share tips and tricks, experiences and also find help to start and run your own geodesign projects. The goal of this community is to push geodesign forward by helping others to use and implement geodesign in their work. On this site you will find a number of resources about geodesign and documentation about Geodesignhub. You will also find a broad group of people from novice to experts who share a passion for design and have various levels of experience in tools and the methods.

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Tell us about YOU! What are you working on? what’s your geodesign story, what get’s you excited about geodesign?


My name is Bernard, I live in Rural Ireland and have a background in Rural Development and am presently studying for a MSc in Management in Sustainable Development and participating in the Climate LaunchPad/ClimateKIC programme looking at developing an application that will help towns and villages to become more sustainable.

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Hello Bernard, welcome to the community site! May I ask about how you learned about Geodesign and Geodesign Hub?

Please feel free to share any past experience using the Geodesign framework, or how you think it could be useful for any future project.

Hi Carmela, Thanks for the question. I am a participant on the climate launcpad programme in Ireland, looking at sustainable planning at local, town, village level. A mentor on the programme recommended GeoDesignHub.


Hello, all…

My background is in media as both a broadcaster and a writer-producer of multimedia supporting major public works projects in the Transportation industry. I completed my Master’s in GIS at Northwest Missouri State University last year. I have since turned my attention to learning ESRI CityEngine and I have a blog on the subject at jeffherzer.com/ce.

A lot of people know me for my interest in “supertall” buildings. Between 2008 and 2013, I worked with the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, an international organization based in Chicago, conducting video interviews with many of the world’s top architects and engineers – the people directly behind design and construction of the tallest buildings in the world. I got to visit Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2012 with CTBUH, an amazing experience.

I’m trying to find my place in the Geodesign world and I’m planning to attend the 2018 ESRI Geodesign Conference in Redlands. Hope to meet some of you there.

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That’s great! If you would like to share your entry in Climate Launchpad with us, please feel free to do so. This might be a call for another forum thread, actually.

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Hi Jeff, welcome to the community! And thanks for sharing your background with us. I’m sure you’ll meet at least one of us there, most probably hrishiballal.

Thanks for sharing your blog with us. I started out as GIS outsider myself, and the draw for me was indeed that it’s another way of story-telling. I will propose to the other moderators if we can create a new thread where people can share communication like this. It would be very good for our little community of practice.

May I ask how you’ve first come to be introduced to the Geodesign framework and how you’ve heard about Geodesign Hub?

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Carmela, I became aware of Geodesign after attending the 2013 Forestry Conference in Redlands, where I met some of the people behind CityEngine. Then I started watching Dr. Steinitz’s videos from the Geodesign conferences. Those lectures on the framework hit home for me because I was involved in a number of transportation projects whose ultimate success depended on involving the people of the place from the earliest phases of design. I often think of how much different the process and my role would have been if we’d had that knowledge and the analysis/visualization tools for rapid iterative design back in the 2000s.

Prior to this, I had been asking questions about the potential role of GIS in design at CTBUH conferences as early as 2011. I was talking to some of the top architects and engineers in the world and there were no real answers, which told me I was onto something. It soon became obvious that Geodesign was the answer to my questions. Now I am beginning to see opportunities as a media professional with GIS skills that I have not seen before.

As far as Geodesign Hub, I found Hrishi’s work while researching for a possible Master’s thesis, though I ended up doing another subject because of time constraints. His affiliation with Dr. Steinitz caught my attention. I was particularly gratified that someone developed an app based directly on Steinitz’s framework.

ESRI does a fabulous job on professional networking, but we need other smaller centers for networking and discussion internationally. With Geodesign Hub being plugged in to the guy who literally wrote the book on the process, this would seem to be a good place for us to gather.


Hi everyone,
My name’s Henry Spethmann, I’m an MBA student at Imperial College in London. I studied urban planning in university but worked as software designer for a few years. I’m interested in geodesign because I believe that the next phase of city planning will need to be underpinned by smart software solutions, which is how I found Geodesign Hub in the first place. Nice to meet everyone!

Welcome! @HS217 , great to have you here, do you have a specialization / interest with respect to planning?

Hi everybody, My name is Sunita Duwal. I have graduated in Urban Planning and Management from ITC, The Netherlands in 2013 and now am working as an urban planner in private organisation. I heard about this workshop from one of my friend from ICIMOD. Literally I have no idea about Geodesign. I hope this workshop will be very beneficial for me for further enhancement of my knowledge in urban domain.

Hello @Sunita , Welcome to the community, great to meet you today. Do let me / us know what you thought of the workshop.

Hi everyone!

My name’s Aleksander, I’m a polish landscape architect and urban planner, currently based in Copenhagen. I’m very happy that Hrishi, Emil and Francesco introduced me to this community and I hope to both learn and contribute to it somehow.

I found out about Geodesign quite randomly. I was always interested in working at the intersection of design, urban planning and GIS, so at some point started looking for a good name for my future company and one of the first names I thought off was Geo-Design so I started googling if the domain is already taken :wink:

In 2014 when I worked as a researcher and GIS teacher at the Univ. of Copenhagen, together with few colleagues we managed to organize a Geodesign Conference 2014 with some fantastic speakers, workshops and PhD level course. If it has someone’s interest you can see the recording here https://goo.gl/Z1S95N
We also wrote a book chapter based on our experiences in Denmark http://rius.tudelft.nl/index.php/rius/article/view/795

Apart from geodesign I worked a lot with green infrastructure, urban planning, health design, climate adaptation, urban climates, UHI, organizing workshops and conferences, teaching etc.
Right now I work as a GIS consultant where I spend a lot of time on 3D cities, CityEngine, climate adaptation (mainly water related) and all types of GIS analysis and data production.

Looking forward o getting to know you all!


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Hi Alek, thank you for joining our Community and sharing your experiences and expertises! They fit perfectly well in the contexts of geodesign. I will definitely take a look at the recordings, one-day conference but prominent speakers! So, are you currently working as GIS consultant in a private company? Did you leave the academic world?

Hi Chiara
That is correct, I work for company called Niras and that is a private sector. I’m not currently involved in any academic endavours, but who knows what future brings :wink: always liked it, that’s for sure.
Conference was actually 3 days in total if we include CityEngine workshop given by Elliot Hartley and the subsequent PhD course. I don’t think we have recordings from those though. But you are right that the part open to public was 1day long.

I’ll now delve into reading all those topics that you guys have here :wink:

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Welcome @AleksanderStysiak! Really great that you are here.

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Hello, I was very pleased to discover GeoDesign thanks to Hrishi live presentation to which I was lucky to attend a month ago. Duncan Lewis from CASA/Bartlett/UCL talked to me about that tool.
I am an urban designer and map fanatic. I do also some independent research, at the moment in London, in connection with various researchers from the Bartlett (DPU, School of Planning, CASA) and also UCL /Geography/ ExCiteS.

My focus is on community-led planning and design. In London I am connected with Just Space which is an important network of grass root community groups who try to influence the Mayor for a community-led London Plan. I developed in collaboration with this network justMap, a tool for community mapping : http://justplace-london.blogspot.co.uk

In Paris I am starting collaborating with a similar network called APPUii https://appuii.wordpress.com/ and we are also working on collaborative mapping and platform projects.

Welcome to the GeodesignHub Community @nicolas_fonty! I had a quick look at your projects links, it’s very interesting what you are doing! I hope you can have the possibility to participate in a Geodesign workshop in the next months.

Hello! My name is Dan and I live in State College, Pennsylvania (USA) and work at Penn State University. I am the Program Manager for our online Masters Degree programs in Geodesign. We have been using geodesign hub in our online courses, particularly our studio based courses where students have been tackling real-world issues. I have been working in various sectors of the GIS industry for over 15 years and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Geodesign.

I have to do a capstone project to complete my Masters program so I will looking at using Geodesign Hub when I decide which project I’d like to tackle. I’m looking forward to being more connected to this community and I want to thank Hrishi, Carl, Stephen, and all of the other folks who have helped to build this tool.

Hey all
I was wondering if anyone is attending Geodesign Conference this January? If anyone is coming please give me a shout and let’s have a chat during the event.
@JeffHerzer are you still coming?