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Yes, Alex, I’ll be there. I’ll be getting in Monday night and attending a class session on Tuesday, then leaving on Friday afternoon.

I’m starting to think about all of the questions I want to have answered, particularly dealing with workflows between CityEngine and ArcGIS. If anyone wants to discuss topics, that would be great.


Hello @danmeehan and welcome to the GeodesignHub Community.
I gave a quick look at the stadium development project and I really liked the idea of coupling Geodesign and GeodesignHub to such a topic. Also considering that along with the stadium, district revitalization is quickly becoming a common strategy for most of the major sports’ clubs, worldwide.
However, you are more than welcome to write to the community if you’d like to discuss and brainstorm a bit your Master’s project topic. Do you have any specific challenges in mind, so far?


Hello, my name is Niek and I am an Earh Scientist interested in the application of Geodesign concepts through practical tools. I have worked in both geo-ict and civil engineering firms and from that I have gained an understanding of the general ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ regarding spatial planning. I am looking to learn here how Geodesign Hub is being used and how I can use it in my own projects. Moreover I am currently working with @hrishiballal on a new tool for the Geodesign toolbox. This tool is intended to make drawing on maps more intuitive and accessible.

Looking forward to hear about your experiences with Geodesign and Geodesign Hub


Welcome to the Community Niek @nsp! I’m actually quite curious to see and use the new tool of Geodesignhub you and Hrishi are developing! Please, keep us updated :wink:


Hello Geodesign Community :smile:

My name is Matthew, I am a grad student seeking a duel masters in landscape architecture and bioregional planning at Utah State University. I was introduced to Geodesignhub by Prof. Barty Warren-Kretzschmar as we prepared for a workshop in Moab, UT, USA during her bioregional studio.

I was very impressed by the success of the workshop. It was refreshing to watch and facilitate as key stakeholders, traditionally at odds, negotiated, discussed, and made concessions. I was interested in learning more about Geodesign and exploring ways to implement the tool that Carl and Hirshi had created. While there, I connected with Emily Niehaus, director of Community Rebuilds and member of the Moab Housing Task Force, and discussed some ideas to run a second workshop focused on affordable housing, one of the key topics identified during the workshop.

For this second workshop we considered altering the workshop format, as we had a group of community planners with some experience with the software. We decided to “preload” the workshop with projects and policies that represented the plans and interests of key stakeholders in the area. As the workshop facilitator, and interested grad student working on a thesis project, I would interview key stakeholders, identified by the housing task force, and input their project and policy ideas into GeodesignHub in advance of the the workshop. We hoped that this would increase the accuracy of the project and policy ideas both geographically and in consideration. We also hoped that this would engage stakeholders and give them more time during the workshop schedule, to negotiate and develop solutions.

We finished the second Moab Workshop in January. The preloading of workshop projects and policies had some interesting effects. I have not finished my study of the Housing Workshop results or finished comparing them to the previous workshop, but I would be happy to answer any questions that anyone in the community might have about “preloading” projects and policies :slight_smile:.

Thanks for reading, enjoyed reading some of your intoductions and getting to know some of you,

Matthew Starley


Hello Matthew,

On behalf of the other administrators, Welcome! Happy to have you in the Community site. And thank you for sharing your experience with Geodesign and GDH so far.

I would like to hear more about the effects you mentioned when you preloaded projects. I have done this myself in my second Geodesign workshop ever–and indeed changing that one aspect of the workshop had effects that I did not anticipate. I might message you to compare notes.



Greetings from Japan. My name’s Arturo, I was trained as an architect oh so long ago. After gradually migrating to urban planning and urban design, I took some time for military service which separated me from design, generally speaking, but let me see some of the world. After closing that chapter of my life, I decided to pursue studies in GIS, but found the Geodesign program at Penn State, where I completed a master’s cert… As part of that academic track, I was introduced to Geodesign Hub and saw how it was built upon concepts that, had I been able to articulate, would have changed my approach to problems that I encountered in other phases in my career.

At the moment, I am working on a proposal to conduct a geodesign workshop for a community in Southern Japan that is dealing with some contentious land-use issues. It is a little daunting, so I asked Dr. Ballal to help me out. He suggested that I get in touch with this community, so I was encouraged to join.


Hello Arturo @azm28 ,

Greetings from Australia and and welcome to the community on behalf of the moerators!

Thank you for sharing your background and professional experience with us–eclectic as in true GDH fashion. You said that had you known about Geodesign Hub before, that you might have changed your approach to certain problems. It would be interesting to hear more if you have time to spare and were so inclined to share a for instance.

It would also be good to learn more about your project in Japan as things progress, so please keep us updated.



Thank you so much for the welcome, Carmela. Australia? We’re practically next door neighbors. :grinning:

It would be interesting to hear more if you have time to spare and were so inclined to share a for instance.

I worked for a planning consulting firm hired by a city in Southern California on a transit-oriented project years ago. The neighborhood where the project took place had a diverse set of uses, challenges and resident populations. As much as we tried to conduct open and public design workshops, I felt that what I was taking part in had a strong ‘top-down’ dynamic to it; more ‘Cathedral’ than ‘Bazaar’ although the process had the appearance of the latter.

This was also my first experience of working with GIS data, as the municipal surveying department helped me by providing data that I used to generate some maps.

While Geodesign Hub software could have helped in developing better ideas, I think the Geodesign Hub ‘ethos’ (for lack of a better term) would have been a very valuable addition to the public discourse.

There are other examples, but the California one is the first that comes to mind.

It would also be good to learn more about your project in Japan as things progress, so please keep us updated.

This is a lot more difficult than the So.Cal. project, but we’ll see how it goes. Right now I am still working on generating interest, so it is at a very early stage.



My name is Mohammad, I am Campus Planner at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. My background is Urban and Regional Planning, I have a Masters in Landscape Architecture (MLA) and M.Sc Geospatial Analysis. I also teach both undergraduate and post graduate courses, and participate in research whenever I can. I am currently participating in the Global Infrastructure program looking at how Geodesign can solve very big problems, particularly how green infrastructure is a more cost effective, environmentally friendly, and socially beneficial alternative to the usual grey infrastructure approaches that currently exist.


Welcome, Mohammad, and greetings from Japan. I look forward to learning more from your experiences in Nigeria.


Thank you very much, it will be a pleasure.


Hi @lefalaksgsa1077, welcome to the community from the whole moderators group!

It’s really great to have Institutions on four continents taking part to the International geodesign project. The collaborative nature of these research efforts will offer an opportunity for joint reflection on the changes taking place in the global context. Therefore, the GeodesignHub Community site can be used for sharing reflections, as well as, clarify technical and organizational issues.

I’m looking forward to seeing the first results of this collaboration!



Thank you very much, I’m also looking forward to same.


My name is Sheragha AminzaI am a new members to the Geodesignhub Community.Having Bachelor’s in Architecture and Urban Planning and Diploma in Arc GIS and Remote Sensing. I have been working as an Urban Planner. I need yours help.

All the best for you



Hi @sheragha, welcome to the community. Great that you have background in GIS and remote sensing! What are your interests as far as Geodesign is concerned?


Many thanks Hrishiballal, I works as urban planner my wishes from Geo-design is to help me in development of an area to make a policy and projects, we have several stakeholders and different members of community and business.
Note: I can not create a project, I want to be the admin of that group for the project as i work as Urban Planner. because it want a invitation code.

All the best for you
Sheragha Aminzai


Hi every body,
this is Ahmad Zia Ahmadi, I am new in Geo design Community. I am working as Surveyor.


Hi @ahmadzia ,

Welcome to the Geodesignhub community. I hope that you like it here. There is a wealth of knowledge and some very friendly people.

Could you tell us how you discovered Geodesignhub and what types of projects that you are working on as a surveyor?

With kind regards,



Hi dear Arturo,
I was with you in Geo design workshop at AKTC during Last week.