New Tasks API

In this article, I will detail new data that is exposed by the Geodesignhub API. This is primarily meant for software developers who interact with the API.

Geodesignhub is a open platform where all data can be taken out of the project in OGC standard data formats and we provide all the tools including a huge repository of plugins and utilities to make the most out of your geodesign project. In the recent days, I made some changes to the timeline control in that it was moved from the “Geodesign” page to the new “Tasks” page, these new changes are detailed in the timeline control changes and the advanced project management tools blog posts.

In keeping with that tradition, I have now added additional API endpoints for Tasks. To begin with, you can download the timeline for any design using the new Tasks API. This means that the Gantt Chart set in Geodesignhub is available for your software and tools. I plan to expose additional functionality via the API in the coming days.

Just in case you did not know the Geodesignhub API specification itself is open-source, you can contribute to that or let me know here what other functionality you would like to see exposed via the API.

:computer: Happy Coding!