New Feature: Changing diagram type (Project to Policy and vice versa)

In this article, we will introduce a new feature that enables you to convert a existing diagram type: from a project to a policy or a policy to a project.

Geodesignhub works with simple diagrams. Diagrams are ideas expressed in the form of simple shapes. For more information about diagrams and different diagram types, please review the What is a Diagram? article.

In the screen below, we have a diagram that is a Green Infrastructure “project”. A project is a diagram that involves construction, digging up the earth, moving or installing or constructing new buildings, infrastructure etc.

In this case we want to convert this diagram in to a policy. A policy is a rule or regulation or ideas that dont necessary have a construction or a spatial component to it. In this case, we would like to convert the diagram from a project to a policy. In the copy and edit dialog you now have a checkbox asking if you want to change the type of diagram.

Once you confirm that you indeed want to change from project to policy, the new diagram (GI5) in this case is now a policy.