Improvements to Project Management tools

In this article, I am going to introduce a couple of new project management controls in Geodesignhub. For background about this, please review the project management tools in Geodesignhub. Projects boards are available for all designs in Geodesignhub and with this update there are a few things that are new that help with the management of complex geodesign projects.


Geodesignhub is increasingly used as a management support tool to understand the implications of projects and policies on the organizations. What is the capacity of deliver on the projects and policies once they are agreed?

Primary and Secondary Organizations and Funding Source

When editing a task, you now have the ability to assign primary, secondary owner in addition to funding sources. These are generally organizations that would be directly responsible for the implementation of these projects.

The funding source is especially useful in identifying potential funding organizations and the associated work required for securing funding for the project.

Procurement Type

In addition to the funding source we also now allow you to set the procurement type to understand more deeply how the project will be implemented and the time lines required.

Some procurement types are notoriously hard and long winded as compared to others and we have the following procurement types currently:

  • Single Source
  • Grant
  • In-house
  • Open Tendering
  • Restricted Tendering
  • RFP
  • Two stage tendering
  • RFQ

Do you know of any others? If so, let us know we can add that to the list as well.


Finally, perhaps the most important aspect in getting anything done: the people to manage and oversee a project. For every project, you can now set the number of staff required and if they need to be hired, how they will be hired and the and the kind of time commitment that will be required for them.

This is then aggregated in the organziations view to show the number of existing and new people who would be required to be hired / contracted to ensure a successful delivery of the project.


We are developing a comprehensive management system to understand and analyse the impacts of future change. Tools like these will help you in developing a deeper understanding of the organizational impacts: You want to introduce autonomous vehicles in a area? Does the transport department have any expertise in it? You want to build a sewage treatment plant? Do you know what kind of tendering procurement process and time is required for this?

We combine these tools with a sophisticated Asset and Investment Analysis, shortly I plan to write about Financial and Asset Analysis tools that we have in Geodesignhub.