API Authentication Key

Geodesign Hub currently supports Token Authentication. All users of the site get an Authentication Key associated with their account. This key is required in the header so that the user can access the API. The API does not support unauthenticated requests.

  1. Access the API page (you will be required to sign up or sign in).

  2. Copy the key that is displayed. This key is updated every six months. So if you intend to use the application for more than six months, the key needs to be changed. If you want to request a key that does not expire, please contact us here.

  3. Use this token in the header to make a request. For example, please see the cUrl request below.

    curl -X GET https://www.geodesignhub.com/api/v1/ -H ‘Authorization: Token 3a5f99e7ed0caf5ebb88bc5eae4a44474f0b94c’