Adding external maps to a project

Adding external data is extremely useful in a design activity. For e.g., critical areas, transportation plans, existing land use, slope information, etc. can act as design aids. Geodesign Hub allows up to seven external layers to be added. Two basemap layers and five overlay layers can be added. The basemap layer has to be a tilelayer type layer. Usually tile layer data files are stored on external servers. A second type of layer that can be added to the tool are raster Web Map Layers or WMS. There are many commercial and open source servers that can serve WMS data and it can be used in the design effectively. Tile layer URLs should be added by the standard xyz URL construction. Example of xyz URLs is here.

Linking external files means that you need to have a external server with the ability to serve WMS, WFS or XYZ files. We can provide this service as well. You will have to contact us for pricing.

  1. In the “Project Administration” / “Project Home” page, click on the External Layers section.
  2. In the External Layers section, you can add three types of external layers: XYZ Tilelayers, WMS maps, WFS maps.

    For WMS and WFS mapping a number of common map servers are supported.
  3. Once these layers are added, they will appear on the diagrams page. The layer names are case sensitive and your server administrator should help you with it.