What is a system?

Systems are considerations for design that need to be addressed as a part of a design. For e.g., if in a design you have to meet certain criteria, it becomes a System. Systems are defined at the time of starting a project after consultation with main stake holders. You can add and remove Systems after projects have started as well. Some examples of Systems are as follows:

  • There is a need to build 50 ha. of high density housing, so High Density Housing (HDH) is a System.

  • We need to take care of a heritage of the place, so that heritage becomes a System for the design.

Usually a project has about 8 to 10 System and in the tool, they are abbreviated. You can see all the Systems since all diagrams are attached to a Systems.

Some systems have targets, so in the example above, 50 ha. is a target for the system any diagrams that are selected or ideas built would have that target. Policies such as “avoid radiation” do not have targets.