Introducing Design Reviews: Improve the quality of your proposals

As we develop a robust negotiation support tools within Geodesignhub, I wanted to talk about a recently refreshed feature: Design reviews

Negotiations as facilitated by Geodesignhub are a collaborative exercise and the participants walk through a process of give-and-take. We walk the participants through our unique process to come to a point where they are in a position to negotiate. To get there the participants work through various steps of collaboration and design reviews are one of them. Once you have a idea of what you want to do you can request your colleagues to review them by starting a design review process. The process can be started from the “Compare All Designs” section by loading a design and requesting a review from a colleague.

The participant will be notified about the request to review and they can be accessed at any time via the reviews page

Once on the review page, you can see review requests and also completed reviews and you can then start a new review.

The design is loaded and the reviewer clicks on a individual diagram and provides a short / precise review. Reviews can be provided to a specific team or the entire group of participants.

The team receiving the review will see the provided reviews in their design page and they can make the necessary changes and / or resolve the review comments.

The goal of the review process is to improve the quality of the design and enable a deliberate process of comments and refinement in the design process. A good review captures the nuances of the design and develops a way forward. Reviews help in enabling robust negotiations and development of consensus. The review system is now live for all projects! Happy reviewing! :100: