How to download designs and data from a project


In this article, we will describe how to download data from your project.

Geodesignhub enables export of all data out of the platform using GeoJSON or Shapefiles. GeoJSON exports are supported by the extensive API, however you will require some basic programming knowledge. All data can be taken out of your project using the API. This article does not cover the API exports however, there are two easy ways to download key data as Shapefiles to use in any GIS application. They are below:

  • To download a design using the user interface, you need to go to the “Synthesis Comparison” section and then you can go to “Design History” and load the appropriate change team and then download the shapefile.


  • If you are a technical user and familiar with basic programming you can use software we maintain to download individual diagrams or synthesis in various formats: data-downloader script