Geodesign Masterclass: Geodesignhub training course

Hi Everyone,
I am writing to get initial feedback, I have created a training course for people who want to run a geodesign project but have no experience with geodeisgn or with Geodesignhub. We take a case study approach to do this. I am not going to reveal the case study area but it is very interesting. :slight_smile:

A couple of points:

  • It is currently in BETA and free and I am looking for feedback from this community
  • It is meant for absolute beginners who want to conduct a geodesign study with the software, I walk through all steps of problem definition, data download and preparation, project creation and the interface, it should give you a good idea of the capabilities of the software
  • It uses free and open source tools and open data
  • GIS knowledge is optional

Let me know what you guys think!

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Hello All,
Thank you for the time taken to provide feedback and review this. I have changed the course to a paid one to help support further development, it is priced at a one time payment of EUR 45. There are a couple of things:

  • The price of the course is similar to that of a book and so I think it is great way to think about this. It is a one time payment for a course that will keep on being developed and updated.
  • With this, it is my intention to keep on developing and improving the course with more videos, Q&A, exercises etc. so that the students get to become an experts at geodesign with Geodesignhub.
  • My aim is to promote geodesign thinking and train anyone interested in Geodesign and this course is just one way to do it, so for any reason you cannot pay, you just have to send a email to support at explaining why you cannot pay and we will send on a coupon code so that it is available for free.

Thank you again for all the support. I am looking forward to creating more trainings and expanding the field.