Geodesign for post-earthquake rehabilitation

Hello all, I am posting on behalf of @Govinda here. We did a study in Kathmandu, Nepal last month where the focus was about post-earthquake rehabilitation of a village.


International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Strategic Cooperation, has successfully conducted one day Geodesignhub workshop on 26th October, 2017 at ICIMOD Headquarters, Kathmandu, Nepal for building a post-earthquake rehabilitation Strategy, for Dhungentar, Nuwakot. More than 20 participants participated from various stakeholders like Urban Planning department, Municipalities, Universities and international organizations.

The Project Coordinator gave an introduction about the Pilot Project area for the Resilient Mountain Village (RMV) in Dhungentar, Nuwakot. Dr. Hrishikesh Ballal from Geodesignhub, main resource-person, briefed about the application of Geodesignhub and its various useful features. Then the participants were divided in three groups with different themes. Each group did a quick study on the aspects of Risk factor, Earthquake damaged village, Community social status and Resources distribution.

Then based on base map study, the groups planned for the house relocation, roads, trails, bridges, drinking water, food security, health, education etc. The groups prepared well-structured plans which were discussed amongst the groups. A final plan was agreed after the discussions for the spatial location and area.

Based on a one day workshop, the Geodesignhub application was found to be really useful for a collaborative design by different people: scientists, architects, engineers, planners, and people of the place where computers and technology provides rapid means to changes to the design in real-time. Geodesignhub provides a systematic way to create and analyse a design and enables the different stakeholders to work together focusing on reconstruction project area to build back better.

Contact: Govinda Joshi, Programme Coordinator, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation, ICIMOD.

Please feel free to reach out to him or me if you have questions or concerns. (email available on his profile above)