Funded PhD position with Geodesignhub + University College Dublin

There is a opportunity for a Masters Student to pursue a fully funded PhD in the context of citizen engagement and Geodesignhub.

It will be a mixture of advanced technology and development of new processes for engagement. I will share a detailed job description is here: Research Vacancies - UCD School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy , scroll down at the bottom half of the page.

If you are a Master’s student with a background in planning, architecture and / or public policy, public administration with a strong interest in technical things / technology, please feel free to reach out here. The position is flexible and starts in September and your particular situation can be accommodated.


This program is interesting and it seems to fit my profile. Can you guide me for the next steps

Would you please let us know about the program? Thanks

Hello Thank you, I have now updated the post with the details of the job description, you will find the application procedure there.

See my comment above, the post is updated with the JD and application methods.