Funded PhD opportunity

Take a look at this opportunity for a funded PhD to work on cutting edge geodesign and work with us on developing tools for geodesign negotiations: Development of bilateral negotiation protocols and testing them in a geodesign context – Data Analytics & Society

Application Deadline is 1st April and contact here if you have any questions.


Hello Dr. Ballal,
My name is Saba Serkhel, I am an architect-planner from Mumbai City. I graduated from the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design with a Masters in Urban Planning and Design in May 2021. I also have a Bachelor of Architecture from Mumbai University. I am very interested in the PhD position mentioned above. Could you please tell me what qualifications are required for application?
Thank you.

Hello Saba, Thank you for the message, the PhD is organized / managed via the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) and will be under University of Manchester.

Re the qualifications: it requires some understanding of spatial analysis and computing and of course your background on urban planning helps. My suggestion is that you reach out to the center contact page for specific questions please as well. Hope this helps.