Evaluations Upate model query

Hi Hrishi,
I have a question concerning the above mentioned sheet: In the “2. Evaluations Update Model” sheet, I want to change the values for IMPACT and UPDATED EVALUATION. However, from the suggested value range of 2 to -2 the value of 2 does not show up in the scroll bar. What might be the reason for this?
Best Regards

Hi Fred,
Thank you for your query. A couple of things:

  • The evaluation update model is a advanced feature for advanced users. It is used when you are thinking of a design in terms of time. A evaluation map is used to show a assessment of site and also show areas where intervention are required, the map is the opinion of the map maker.
  • If you think of a classic case of shopping mall vs road, which comes first? Should the road come first or the mall? This is a decision that the designer has to make. In this context, if a site is unsuitable for a mall (initial evaluation) and the designer puts a road the site is now suitable for a mall (updated evaluation). So the evaluation maps change as the designer makes intervention and this sheet governs how they should change.

So some rules:

  • When you set a impact, you are essentially telling the platform how to change the existing evaluation. A +1 setting is changing the color to the left of the existing color by 1, so a +1 Impact for a road that falls on a 3 Capable feature will convert that feature to 4 (Suitable)

  • So here is what the following means:

    When you put a mall (COM system) on something that is 5 Feasable in ECO, the impact is -2 and the new color is Capable (moving 2 spaces to the left) in the same way if you put a mall in something that is 1 (Existing) for ECO, you are destroying the ecology and making it inappropriate for ECO (moving +1 to the left) so the impact is +1 and the new color is 2 / Not appropriate. The reason why the impact scale is skewed is because the evaluation scheme is ordinal with three greens, a not appropriate and one existing.