Data formats supported by Geodesignhub

Data format for importing external data into a diagram: GeoJSON

GeoJSON data can be imported into a diagram when using the user interface or via the API.

Data format for Evaluation and Constraints and Boundaries map: GeoJSON

Evaluation and constraints map can be built in GIS or built by hand using the tool user interaface. Once the Shapefile has been built it needs to be converted into a GeoJSON format and so that they can be uploaded. Please review the data step-by-step guides for evaluation, constraints and boundaries to correctly prepare the data for upload and also the article on converting from Shapefile to GeoJSON.

Data format for linking external maps: WMS, XYZ

If there exist data that is required to be linked to help in design creation, such as existing land use or roads or canals etc. externally hosted layers can be linked to the tool. WMS and XYZ tiles are supported for detailed instructions on how to link externally hosted maps please review the linking external maps article.

Data format for external models and external model updates: GeoJSON

Geodesign Hub supports updates to models and there are a few ways to propagate these updates in the tool.

  1. POST: A GeoJSON object can be posted to a system object when model data is updated. A evaluation or impact map can be uploaded into the tool. Please review the feature specification to ensure the correct feature attributes and also the API for the relevant methods.
  2. Geodesign Service: A direct link can be established with the project and a Geodesign Service to generate evaluations or impacts. Please see the “Linking Dynamic Models” section for more details.

Data format for external design and individual files: GeoPackage

GeoPackage files can be downloaded by using the user interface.