Creating and managing design teams

To be able to “save” a synthesized design, a user must be a part of a design team. A design team can have one or more participants. There are two types of design team members: regular members and conductors. Only conductors can save designs for comparison and members within the design teams can collaborate with the conductor. When a project is created, there are no design teams and they have to be created by the project administrator. This article details the process of creating a design team and managing users within them.

  1. Click on the “Change Team” section of the project administration panel.

  2. In this list, you find a list of all the change teams. Click on the “Add a design team” link.

  3. Enter a name of the change team and click on “Add a change team.”

  4. Once the team is added, the details of the team are displayed.

  5. You can rename the team, delete it, and add users and conductors.

  6. In the “Manage Users” link, you will see a list of conductors for that team.

  7. You can add a conductor or user to a change team. A user can be a conductor of only one change team.