API introduction and overview

Geodesign Hub API exposes a number of functionalities of the tool for developers to build applications and plugins with the tool. The API is a JSON-based REST API and uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

Python Client

A Python Client that exposes these API is here.

Token Authentication

Geodesign Hub exposes project information via the API and is linked to user accounts via Token Authentication. Since the token is linked to the user, all the projects that the user is part of are accessible using the token. Currently, tokens have an expiry of six months after which a new token can be issued.

NB: Geodesign Hub supports only https:// connections via the API. http:// connections will be given a 301 response.


Geodesign Hub API responses are generally paginated. The default page size is 10; you can alter this by adding the "page_size" parameter to your request.

Response Codes

The API uses standard HTTP response codes to communicate the status of the request. In general, 2xx codes signify success and 4xx codes signify failure, and these codes are generally associated with an invalid parameter being provided in the request. A 5xx code is a general server failure on our side. Please contact our support team if you encounter 5xx errors.