Adding a system

You can have upto 10 systems in a project, if you are a beginner to Geodesign, we recommend having 5-7 systems for your project to focus the conversations.

  1. In the Administration / Project homepage, click on the “Manage Systems” panel link.

  2. A panel should open that displays the system card and all the systems currently in the project.

  3. Click on “Add a system” link and a popup window should appear.

  4. Select a system tag. System tags are used in the cost model and some visualization toos, built-in the system; you can use your own cost model via the API.

There are four types of system tagsand some examples are given below:

  • Paved e.g. Roads, Transport
  • Porous e.g. Agriculture, Forestry
  • Small Building e.g. Low density housing
  • Large Building e.g. Industry, Commerce
  • Policy e.g. a law or regulation
    Choosing the system type will impact the cost models. There is also a way to override the cost per diagram.
  1. Finally, give your system a name; usually an acronym is recommended. Once it is added, press the “Add System” button and the system will be added to the project.