Adding a Diagram

  1. In the “Geodesign” page, click on “Add a diagram” link.
  2. Select a system under which you will add your diagram.
  3. Enter a small description for your diagram, it is meant for others to see so have a clear concise text, avoid using your name, “test” etc. in the diagram description.
  4. Select if your diagram represents a project or a policy. For more information, review the “What is a project or policy?” article.
  5. Select if you want to draw line or polygon features
  6. If you want, instead of drawing polygon or polylines, you can import external data into the diagram as well.
  7. You can also copy features from a existing diagram to start as a baseline. If a existing diagram has vectors, features cannot be copied.
  8. Finally click on the “Add a diagram” button to add.

    9.Once you click on Add Diagram, your diagram will be added. In addition, everyone will see a map with a green border. This way you will know that a diagram is new.