What are the different paid training options?


Geodesign Hub provides hands-on training for different types users at all levels, both online and in person. Our trainers don’t just know the software inside out; they’ve been directly involved with hundreds of Geodesign projects too, in all aspects. From foot soldiers right up to developers and managers, all levels of your organisation will be up to speed with Geodesign Hub’s technology in no time. We offer three specialized, user-focused training programmes to suit your organisation’s needs and interests. These trainings can take one day each but can also be compressed drastically to accommodate time and budget requirements.

Project Administration and Management Training

Our project management training is aimed at leaders and administrators of geodesign projects. Our experts train project leaders and managers to effectively organize and run geodesign studies, to enable collaboration, to set up projects and teams, and to see the project through to completion.

By their nature, geodesign projects can be data intensive. We know that too much data or too little can cause problems. That’s why our specialised data training explains in detail the data and models used for a geodesign project. We also teach best practice in selecting, formatting and using existing data in Geodesign Hub. Our focus is on:

  • Introduction to organizing workshops, social rules etc.
  • Identifying people, assignment of change teams and also the preparation required before the workshop.
  • Key considerations for a study area, the data required and how to organize it.
  • Understanding project data requirements
  • Data model best practice
  • Getting your data project ready
  • Inputs into and outputs from Geodesign Hub software
  • Links to external models

User Training

We train all kinds of users so that they can get the most out of our technology straight away. We familiarise users with key functions and best practice, enabling immediate and enhanced collaboration. We focus on helping users feel confident, while becoming proficient in the process. Specific aspects we focus on include:

  • Best collaboration practice
  • Setting up Decision models
  • Working with diagrams
  • Changing design scale
  • Assessing Impacts
  • Comparing designs
  • Making geodesign decisions

Developer Training

Geodesign Hub comes with an API that developers can utilise in their apps. With this in mind, we focus on techniques for building tools and plugins. We create customised developer training for your organisation, based on the tools and methods you use and the results you want to achieve. Among other things, this includes:

  • API Introduction and best practices
  • Building plugins Interacting with the data and designs
  • Working with models within the tool
  • Linking custom models and performance tuning

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