January 2019 Geodesignhub Introductory Webinar


Hello Everyone, I apologize for the audio quality in this recording, seems like a mic setting was not turned on. Apologies again, I will fix this next time!

Webinar Slides here

Step by step guide to setting up data for your project

Great presentation, @hrishiballal . The introduction of geoforage.io is a promising resource; I like the anonymity aspect, as this can encourage voluntary participation by a broader sampling of the public in a lot of contexts.

Good luck in Amsterdam! It is a pity that I won’t be able to make it to the Geodesign+BIM this time around to meet you in person, but perhaps in the future. As for me, it appears that I might be presenting geodesign, geodesignhub and our recent work together in Kabul to OSGeo・Japan next week. I see this turn of events as serendipity; I’ll let you know how it goes as geodesign would appear to be novel in this community.


Thanks! Yes, let me know how it goes with OSGeo, you can say that most of the evaluation maps were made by OSM data and the OSM evaluations builder and all data from Geoforage is open data that can potentially be use in OSM or any where else.

A pity re Amsterdam, looking forward to talking / working with you soon!